Hello SarangHallyu readers, if you live in Northern California there is a great opportunity to meet with other Hallyu fans at Berkeley, California through UC Berkeley’s KpopCon’13 this February 16-17. The first day… Continue reading

DJ Masa is back!!

DJ Masa, a well-known Korean remix DJ, has come again with his anticipating remix for 2012. Below is the link for the remix which include 75 songs. DJ Masa with his creative talents… Continue reading

Korean Phrase of the Day!

Hello readers! Today’s phrase of the day in Korean is                             I’m fine, thanks! Ne. Chal ji-nae-ssŏ-yo.   네. 잘 지냈어요.   Credit:… Continue reading


Hello fellow readers!! The founder of Saranghallyu will be part of the Kintoki-Con in Sacramento,CA. This convention is open to everyone. There will be special guests including anime artists and scriptwriters. So come and join fellow fans and lets play! 


Picture of the Day! B1A4

Today’s Picture of the Day is of B1A4. Their name is a combination of each member’s blood types: blood type A and B. The name also means “Be the one one, all for… Continue reading

Lets Learn Korean Through Kpop lyrics!

Found a unique YouTube video that utilizes popular K-pop lyrics. Hope this helps increase the vocabulary of English speakers wanting to learn Korean! Enjoy!  Credit: Youtube

Review: 2NE1 New Evolution LA Concert

The 2NE1 concert was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. From the fierce costumes to the synchronized choreography, this concert was definitely one to enjoy. With a sold-out theater, 2ne1 left the whole crowd wanting… Continue reading

Unboxing- Big Bang Special Edition Still Alive

Hello everyone!!! Here is another unboxing video for all the VIPs. Stay tuned for upcoming unboxings of different artists! Thank you for watching!

Upcoming Projects

Hello everyone! SarangHallyu will be having some exciting upcoming projects. We have opened a tshirt shop with The following is the link to the t-shirt shop: Please let us know if… Continue reading

Korean Food Galore

Today, the writers of SarangHallyu decided to go out for a delicious outing for Korean food at our local restaurant Tofu House. We ordered Dol Sot Bimbimbap and the Beef Bulgogi Special. As… Continue reading